About LStack

LStack is a social media marketing tool that amplifies your channel partners' marketing. With LStack your partners will boost their marketing efforts, initiate conversations with potential customers, generate new business opportunities and revenue and strengthen relationship with you.

LStack lets you curate valuable content and share it with partners, so they can use it to engage their Facebook audiences. Call-to-Action widgets embedded in the published content help partners to convert their fans into subscribers or customers. CTA traffic is directed to partner-specific destinations - their website, contact form, e-commerce site or dedicated landing pages.

Benefits for Partners

Benefits for You


Content Curation


LStack uses JavaScript bookmarklet to let you store and annotate links to webpages. It was tested under Firefox and Chrome, but should work under other modern browsers too.

Bookmarking on iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices

In addition to using bookmarklet, you can use "Email this link" feature built into most mobile browsers, RSS and news readers. To send a bookmark to your LStack links database:

Advice: you can edit and annotate emailed link in LStack, so just send it and take care about the details later.


LStack allows you to add virtually unlimited number of tags to any bookmark. Tags then can be used to find links by given tag (or more of them). LStack accepts any word or phrase as a tag. Tags are comma (,) separated.

Attention: LStack tags are not case sensitive. We recommend you to use lowercase tag names - they are internally indexed and searched this way.

Smart tags

With LStack you can attach to bookmarked link an arbitrary number of"smart tags", which consist of tag name and its value. The syntax is name:value. You can attach any number of values for given tag name (eg. author:kernighan brian w., author:ritchie dennis m.). LStack filtering makes it easy to filter links via tag names and values.

Some examples and applications:

Feel free to use any custom names and values and invent your parameter schemes. Create a convention that fits your purpose and stick to it - it will allow you to apply current and future LStack features (like filtering) and will increase the value of your bookmarks database.

Automatic smart tags

LStack automatically creates and attaches some smart tags to your bookmarks.

Current list of automatic smart tags:

As LStack is developed new automatic smart tags will be added and connected to LStack actions and / or behaviors.


LStack offers full-text search in your link titles, descriptions and tags. To find keywords or phrases you're looking for enter them in search input box and hit SEARCH.


Every bookmark is saved into one of your workspaces. Workspace may represent for example a project, a client or a topic of interest. You can define any number of workspaces (if you're Premium user). Every bookmark belongs to exactly one workspace. Stream groups and streams are also defined in the context of specific workspace. Workspaces may by marked as archived to make the dissappear from main list of workspaces (they are still available through Archived section).


You can invite your friends or coworkers to collaborate on specific workspaces. When you invite them, you have to decide on their role and access rights.

Workspace member roles:

Access control

By default each link bookmarked in LStack is private. Only you can see it, edit it, delete it, etc. You can make link public or shared by changing it's access status in link edit form.

Private links:

Shared links:

Public links:


You can create your own streams in main workspace screen. Streams allow you to quickly find those bookmarks that have all specified tags and smart tags attached. This way you can create arbitrary selections of bookmarks, containing for example: all work related bookmarks, all videos you've bookmarked, bookmarks related to specific project (if you've marked them with specific tag, like - project:lstack).

Stream groups

Streams can be organized into groups. You can define groups, order them as you need, also fold or unfold them. This allows to organize your workspace according to your needs and quickly navigate between streams.


Drag the link below to your browsers bookmark bar:

...or copy this code to manually create bookmark:

You can also test the newer, more powerful version of the bookmarklet.